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Animal Welfare

We strongly believe in the ethical treatment and welfare of all animals and this is of fundamental importance in our own supply chain.

Sheep and Young Girl

Our Veggilanol range of lanolin is derived from wool grease. We only sheer live sheep and we obtain the wool grease by washing the wool after it’s shorn. 

With our longstanding and detailed knowledge of and involvement within the wool industry, we can safely say that the production of lanolin brings only positive aspects for animals and humans alike. 


As wool cannot be shed naturally, sheep need us. By shearing our sheep, we are caring for our animals and their welfare. We make sure the farmers we work with are treating their sheep with the utmost care and respect and the sheep are living their best and happiest lives.


LanEsters, our mother company, do not test on animals and we are Vegetarian Society Approved.

The International Wool Textile Organisation

LanEsters are the first and only lanolin producers to be an associate member of the International Wool Textile Organisation. The IWTO is the authority for standards in the wool textile industry and has represented the collected interests of the global wool trade since 1930.


With a worldwide membership encompassing the wool pipeline from sheep to shop, the IWTO ensures a sustainable future for Wool.They facilitate research and development and maintaining textile industry standards, and their guidelines are intended to encourage those who care for farm animals to adopt the highest standards.


Having this link to the IWTO shows our proximity to our raw material supply chain and ensures a close and transparent understanding for the welfare and ethical treatment of sheep worldwide.


We absolutely condemn cruelty to animals of any kind and fully support the International Wool Textile organisation guidelines on Animal Welfare. The guidelines describe Five Freedoms with which our supply chain members comply 100% and more: 

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst. We assure this by giving all our sheep access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour.

  2. Freedom from discomfort. We make sure to provide an appropriate environment for all their sheep, including shelter and a comfortable resting area.

  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease. We make sure to prevent or rapidly diagnose and treat all of our sheep.

  4. Freedom to express normal behaviour. Our sheep are provided with sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animals’ own kind.

  5. Freedom from fear and distress. The conditions and treatment of our sheep are set to avoid mental suffering.

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