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We are serious about sustainability and animal welfare and have the certifications to back that up. 


Vegetarian Society

We are very proud to be the first lanolin company in the world to receive Vegetarian Society Approval for our lanolin range. We have been Vegetarian Society approved since March 2018. 

Having the The Vegetarian Society approval helps assure our customers to trust our products and. our core values. We are very serious about being planet-friendly and working in harmony with nature. Using their trademark shows you we have met the Vegetarian Society criteria: we do not test on animals, our ingredients are free from slaughter and our products are not genetically modified in any way and are therefore GMO free.



We are also very proud that both our Veggilanol Gold and Veggilanol White Gold are the first raw material ingredients to have received the certification from AllergyCertified, assessing these lanolin types to be allergy risk free and as giving assurance that they are considered safe to use.
Gaining this certification shows our customers we do not use any chemicals with allergenic impurities throughout the entire production process and that we do not add any allergenic preservatives and stabilizing chemicals to our products.   

Cosmos Society 

Veggilanol Gold is Cosmos Society Approved.  The COSMOS-standard signature is a consumer guarantee for organic and natural cosmetics that you can trust.


Natrue Certified 

The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association protects and promotes natural and organic cosmetics worldwide, we are extremely happy to be officially Natrue Certified. Having this certification proves our products are natural, we don’t use any artificial ingredients or count water as a natural ingredient.

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