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LisaLise Skincare

Lise Andersen is a cosmetics developer and author using natural and raw skincare products in her formulations.

Despite being dedicated to using plant based ingredients, lanolin has been an 'exception to her rule' for many years. 


She refers to herself as a 'bonafide child of the hippie era' and started making skincare by creating lip balms in her teens. She now creates and teaches formulation courses with a focus on ‘cosmetic minimalism’,  working with minimally processed (and less common) raw materials. 


“Our planet is incredibly rich in powerful materials that can soothe, calm, invigorate, stimulate, regenerate, and heal.”


Learning how to harness and utilize these ingredients is her idea of true minimalism.


Lise has written numerous books on natural cosmetics and has an exciting lanolin-specific project in the works that we look forward to sharing more about. 

Visit her website here.

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