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About Us

Our small team at Veggilanol want to bring lanolin back and share this wonderful and trusted natural ingredient with the world.

It is our lifetime ambition to reinvent lanolin through new design and formulations. Lanolin has been caring for our skins for generations and has truly brought the human skin many benefits.

We are passionate about making lanolin fit within our future, and we are here to incorporate quality of the highest standards achievable.

Sheep and Young Girl

Our story goes all the way back to the seventies

Andrew is the man behind Veggilanol and LanEsters, and as just a 17 year-old he started his first ever job at a wool merchanting company in Bradford, England.

At that time Bradford was known as the wool center of the world: wool had played an important role in the development of the United Kingdom and had brought great fortune to the UK over many hundreds of years.

Andrew's job was to send samples of wool to customers all around the world. He started in the wool sorting department to gain firsthand wool experience. Andrew and his colleagues sorted greasy wools, arriving after the weekly local British wool auctions.

Andrew was tasked with separating fine wool from coarse, long wool, taking out undesirable vegetable matter to meet required standard wool qualities in preparation of further processing. Think of vegetation clusters and other contaminations such as and urine and stained wool.  

During this time, Andrew worked with Dixie, head sorter and the most experienced of all. He was 65 years old, a mild natured man with a lifetime experience in sorting wool.


Dixie's wrinkled face seemed ancient to Andrew, and he still remembers looking at Dixie's hands, pink and soft. 

“Why are your hands so pink and soft?”. Andrew asked. Dixie replied: “That’s from the lanolin in the wool grease, I’ve been sorting wool since I was 14 years old, and there’s nothing better in the world for your skin than lanolin”. 

This was the first time Andrew came into contact with lanolin and it has remained a powerful impression throughout his life.

Lanolin is purer today than it has ever been and we want the world to rediscover the true benefits of it's unique natural properties. Lanolin is a lipid-rich emollient, hypoallergenic, dermatologically skin-friendly, reduces wrinkle, moisturises skin and is a natural, biodegradable and sustainable resource!

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