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Size: 50ml jar


What is Veggilanol Gold?

Our Veggilanol Gold is an anhydrous lanolin, meaning it’s free from water. Being a lipid-rich emollient, the Gold wax heals cell membranes and helps your skin to retain moisture better.


Veggilanol Gold Lanolin is AllergyCertified, Vegetarian Society Approved and is ethically and responsibly sourced. No animals are harmed in the production process and we never test on animals. 
Veggilanol Gold is also Cosmos approved and Natrue certified.


* Veggilanol Gold is a Wrinkle Reducer – our studies have shown up to 55% wrinkle reduction within 6 hours.
** It is also a skin hydration preserver, our studies show an up to 28% decrease in water loss with a single application.

Veggilanol Gold

100 Milliliters
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  • Our Veggilanol Gold fights and reduces wrinkles, offers relief for dry and cracked lips, repairs dry skin and is a natural hair styling wax. Breastfeeding mothers will love this natural wax as it reliefs the soreness for dry and cracked nipples as well.


    The Veggilanol Gold consists of 100% refined lanolin and can be applied directly onto your skin or can be used as an ingredient for natural personal care products. 

    Veggilanol Gold helps to moisturise, condition and protect your dry and cracked skin. It preserves hydration* and reduces wrinkles**. 

  • You can apply the Golden wool grease straight onto dry skin such as your lips, elbows, feet, cuticles or cracked nipples (we are thinking of you, breastfeeding mothers).

    Veggilanol products are ideal for people with allergy-prone skin, as the Veggilanol Gold is AllergyCertified and dermatologically compatible. 

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