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Anna Osinska



"Lanolina jest cudowna.

Używam dopiero drugi miesiąc.

Preparat wchłania się fantastycznie mimo iż wydaje się tłusty w pierwszej chwili.

To rewelacyjne uczucie, bo moja skóra, która zawsze była bardzo sucha, stała się jakby „nasycona”

Spłyciła się zmarszczka na czole ( taka poprzeczna bruzda), wygładziły się zmarszczki koło oczu.


Podzieliłam się preparatem z moim tatą, który od kilku lat ma ciągle nie gojące się zmiany na łysinie ( leczone bez efektu dermatologicznie). Po kilkurazowym nałożeniu preparatu zmiany wysuszyły się i wyglądają dużo lepiej."

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Laura @Plastic_Reduction


United Kingdom

"Since becoming a mum my poor body has continued to take a battering - from sleep deprived weariness to sore boobs. I thought the latter was over with, Baby P-R would only breastfeed using nipple shields (as recommended to me by the NICU). Until Sunday, when he decided he no longer wanted to use the shields and now I'm back to the 'ouch' of breastfeeding. I was so pleased when the jar and refillable compact from Veggilanol turned up this week. Completely natural so safe to use whilst and after breastfeeding, handy to carry with me to apply on the go, and definitely contains magical healing properties! Such a relief. I love feeding my boy, and I'm so glad there are products to make it more comfortable!” 

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Stevie @2020.twins


United Kingdom

"I’ve been using Veggilanol for a few weeks now as a lip balm and on areas of dry skin and have also started using in on dry patches on my son's eczema and am already seeing amazing results!” 

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Ilona K



"My daughter has a few food allergies. Reactions can be seen on the skin, it shows rashes, red skin, swollen hands and very dry skin, cracked and painful. For many years we were trying to cure her hands with various creams and ointments, but not only it failed to work, but also it caused additional pain. My daughter always washed her hands immediately, due to discomfort.


When we first tried Veggilanol Gold, the effect was visible after 2-3 days. Redness disappeared, there was less pain and skin stopped irritating. After lanolin my daughter is calm and full of trust she is in control of her situation. She used to be very shy at school before, she felt embarrassed with her very red and swollen hands among peer groups.


I would say that all persons with atopic skin (not only children) or allergic reactions (not only to cosmetics) could try Veggilanol as a remedy. They could be surprised how it works, soothing and calming down a situation. Additionally, a good diet is recommended and avoiding aggressive cosmetics full of chemicals and fragrance would be good."

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"Hver vinter oplever jeg, at huden på mine fingre revner og huden skaller af - forhorner -hvilket er ret smertefuldt. 

Hvor jeg før brugte levertransalve og plaster, hvilket gav en  kortvarig heling, har jeg nu  i en  måned dagligt  smurt  en anelse Veggilanol Gold i revnerne og på forhorningerne . 

Forhorningerne er forsvundet, og mine hænder revner stort set ikke mere.

Hvor mine hænder før var temmelig ru, føles de nu bløde og huden langt mere elastisk. I skrivende stund har jeg ikke haft revner på mine fingre i 3 uger, hvilket er usædvanligt.

Jeg har kæmpet med dette hånd problem i rigtig mange år, så Veggilanol har nu hjulpet mig af med smertefulde hænder.  Jeg har i mange år været en ivrif og engageret kunstner, så det at ikke have ømmer hænder har særlig betydning for mig og er meget værdsat."